NCommentPoster : Fully automated blog comment poster
Automated commenting
Backlink checking
Pagerank checking
Proxy support
Keyword tracking
Secure Payment

SEO Friendly
You are able to comment only related websites/blogs. Don't get punished from search engines because of commenting on un-related websites/blogs...

Fully Automated
Create your profiles and fill out the important details for your comment. NCP do the rest for you with fully automated process...

With multithreading enabled NCP, you are now able to post thousands of comments in a very short time period. Use the power of your CPU...

Auto Blog Commenter!

NCP can easily create backlinks to your web site. Just create your profile and fill out the comment details.

You can also schedule a task and NCP starts to work when the time comes.

Random rotating details!

Let NCP fill the comment details such as comment, email, anchor text, nickname, proxy server randomly for you.

NCP Filter!

No need to create backlinks if the site has another niche. NCP has keyword filter so that it checks the content at the blog before sending a comment. You can also check the PR of the sites and remove the low PR websites.

Google has announced new updates to their search algorithm and lots of web sites got in black list. Spamming the other sites has negative effects and it can damage your rankings at search engines. You need to create backlinks from related websites.

Create your own list!

After sending your comment to other web sites, don't you want to know how many of them are approved by the other sites? NCP checks your blog list for you so that you can get the total numbers.

After tracking the number of sites where your comment approved, you are able to create your own auto accepting list to use in the future.

Proxy Support!

Don't send your links to blogs by the same IP.

You can import your proxies into NCP or type them into NCP. It checks the speed of proxies and delete the slow ones for you.

Create profiles!

SEO takes long time and you need to work hard. Sometimes you forget what you have done last month while you were working with long list of web sites you own. That's why we let you create profiles at NCP and save your time. You can orginaze your projects and work in a plan.

Quick Tutorials
NCP video tutorial
NCP image tutorial
Mikkel DeMib (
I've been at online marketing more than 15 years and I'm a SEO guru. I used soo many different SEO tools and NCP is one "nice to have" tool. After Google Panda and Google Penguin updates, it's important to leave comments on quality web sites and related web sites. This is what makes NCP unique at the SEO marketing. You are able to select which kind of web sites you want to send your comment and it saves you from being in "black listed" at search engines. Having backlinks from bad quality web sites are not "nice to have" anymore...
Michael Vestergaard (datamarked)
NCP is just fantastic. Sending comments to thousands of web sites has never been easier and seeing the effects of SEO at my web site is really cool. It's easy to use and there are lots of tutorials about how to use NCP effective for the SEO purpose. Multithreading saves a lot of time and the user interface is very simple to follow. PR checking, using proxy, posting to related web sites are cool features and the price is really low compared to other softwares.
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